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Garmin Vivofit Junior


Recommended ages: 4-9 years

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Product Overview

Encourage a lifetime of healthy habits with the swim-friendly activity tracker specially designed for children. The vvofit jr. never needs to be recharged, and it's comfortable and secure enough for your child to wear every day. This activity tracker's free parent app motivates kids to beat yesterday with rewards and mobile adventures that unlock fun and educational facts. Parents get a summary of their kid's 60-minute daily activity goals, including steps and sleep. vvofit jr. also gives parents the ability to manage and assign tasks and give rewards to positively enforce good behaviour, and it's all easily controlled from a parent's mobile device to enhance precious family time.

Technical Specifications

Brand Garmin
Size Stretchy wrist band
Screen Dimensions 10 x 10mm
Battery Life 1 year
Water Resistant
Sleep Tracking
Compatible Devices Click here for a list of compatible devices
Other Information

Daily Activity Tracker for Kids
Features 1+ year battery life; no recharging needed
Stylish, kid-friendly design is comfortable, durable and swim friendly¹
Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of recommended daily activity²
Compatible mobile app on an adult’s smartphone includes task management tools and a fun mobile adventure trail for kids to unlock
Kids complete tasks and earn coins to redeem for agreed-upon rewards managed by parents

A wearable just for kids? Oh yes, we did. Meet vívofit jr. This stylish, swim-friendly1 activity tracker encourages your kids to stay on the move. Parents, we didn't forget about you. While the youngsters will love the compatible app for its fun mobile adventure trail they can unlock, you can use it to monitor your kiddos' steps and active minutes, assign tasks and even hand out virtual rewards. Control it all from your mobile device.

Sweet Style with a Sturdy Design
Perfect for pint-sized powerhouses, vívofit jr. features a comfortable, durable one-piece wriststrap that kids can slip on and off. Available in multiple fun, vibrant designs, your child can rock it everywhere from recess to practice to the pool and even to bed. Check out additional adult-size accessory bands that let kids change up their look. The user-replaceable battery will keep kicking for up to a year, so no need to recharge.

Your Parental Personal Assistant
The vívofit jr. activity tracker can be managed by parents using the compatible app. From the app, you can add multiple children and see their steps, sleep, daily activities and task data when it automatically syncs3 to your smartphone. Assign tasks, find out how many reward coins each child has, and even invite the whole family to compete in a daily step challenge — all from your Apple® or Android® smartphone³.

Stay on Top of Tasks
Take the fuss out of household tasks by letting vívofit jr. do the work. Parents can assign tasks from the smartphone app, and kids will see on their bands that they have new jobs to do. These can be set up to recur daily or even weekly — perfect for children who need reminders to brush their teeth and make their beds. And for youngsters who like to procrastinate, set up a task timer so vívofit jr. can remind them that time to finish homework or get dressed is ticking down.

Extra Credit for Sweat
The vívofit jr. activity tracker makes it easy to reward and motivate kids. As kids reach their daily 60-minute activity goals, fun facts and a mobile adventure trail are unlocked, inspiring kids to do their best every day. By completing their assigned tasks, kids earn virtual coins to collect and then exchange for rewards you have agreed on, such as an extra 30 minutes of screen time or having a friend spend the night.

¹See Water Rating
²Activity tracking accuracy
³When paired with a compatible smartphone (not available for Windows Phone)

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